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A non-profit corporation dedicated to Huguenot genealogy
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Sublett Family Association


The Sublett Family Association is a non-profit corporation established December 7, 2001:

to research and gather historical and genealogical information on direct descendants of French Huguenot refugee Abraham Soblet, who came to America with his family in 1700, and related families with variant surnames Soblet, Soublet, Soblit, Sublet, Sublett, and Sublette;

to promote research into the French ancestors of Abraham Soblet, and other Soblet and Soublet families in Europe;

to collect a library of official family records and documents, as well as books, articles, photographs, and other historical artifacts, to aid genealogical and historical research for all related Soblet descendants;

to assemble a comprehensive family tree of all direct Soblet descendants and ancestors;

to collect biographical and historical sketches and essays of notable Soblet descendants;

to share and publish the collected data, as well as family news announcements, through the Internet, and in books, periodicals, charts, and other publications available to family members and interested researchers;

to preserve and re-publish out-of-print books and articles pertaining to the history and genealogy of the Soblets and related families.


If you are interested the history of the Soblet/Sublett/Sublette family, and would like to assist in preserving your family heritage:

  • Search the online Family Tree to see if your family is listed; if you have additions or corrections, you can contact us with updated information on your branch of the family.
  • If you are not sure which branch of the family you are in, submit any information about your parents, grandparents, Sublett great-grandparents, etc., and we can try to help connect your branch of the family to the rest of the family tree.
  • If you have any family documents, such as Social Security applications, marriage certificates, cemetery records, obituaries, historical letters, etc., you can donate copies to be published in the online Family Document Library.
  • If you have family information to share, or you need help with your research, you can post queries or announcements on one of the message boards listed on the Genealogy page.
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    Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
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