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Evidence of the Sublett/Sublette family's impact on American history can be seen in location names throughout the country:














New Mexico




Jackson County, Alabama

Sublett Ferry, Tennessee River, Jackson County, Alabama

  • Sublett Gap (in Jackson County, Alabama)
    Sublett Gap is a gap near Georgetown, on the east side of the Tennessee river, across from Hollywood and Sublett Ferry.
  • Sublett Gap Hollow (in Jackson County, Alabama)
    Sublett Gap Hollow is a stream valley emptying into Guntersville Lake on the east side of the Tennessee River, near the south end of Goodwin Point Road, south of Langston.

Moontown, Alabama

Located in eastern Madison County, Alabama, between Huntsville and Gurley southwest of U.S. Highway 72, the Moontown area is home to several Sublett locations:

  • Sublett Cemetery, Moontown (in Madison County, Alabama)
    The Sublett Cemetery is located in Moontown, west of the Flint River and south of Highway 72 past the Moontown Airport. At the south end of Moontown Road, turn left on Bob Hunt Road, then turn right on a private driveway south across a field. The Sublett Cemetery is in a rectangular grove of trees, surrounded by a fence, on the left side of the private driveway. Among the graves are those of Andrew Monroe Sublett and his wife, Polly Ann Moon.
  • Sublett Bluff, Moontown (in Madison County, Alabama)
    Sublett Bluff is a cliff southeast of Sublett Cemetery, on the north side of Sublett Point, overlooking the Flint River.
  • Sublett Point (in Madison County, Alabama)
  • Sublett Point is small mountain peak south of Highway 72, about two miles west of Gurley Mountain. The new McMullen Cove subdivision features a Sublett Point Park located on Sublett Point, along with a Sublett Point Trail.

  • Sublett Mill (in Madison County, Alabama)
    Sublett Mill is southeast of Sublett Point, along the east shore of the Flint River, north of Little Cove Road, two miles west of Gurley, Alabama.
Moontown, Alabama map - Sublett Cemetery, Sublett Bluff, Sublett Point, Sublett Mill
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